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In Search of Genius
A series for BBC2 & UKTV on the gifted & the so-called “unteachable”
Is genius born or made? Or is it perhaps the unique result of a complex combination of processes? The series investigates the best ways to foster the special talents of children - whether they happen to be labelled “gifted” or not. From high-tech genetic interventions and learning in the womb to techniques that start at the age of two, to plain “TLC” we explore the subjective, delicate world of genius. In an extraordinary experiment, learning expert, Tony Buzan sets out to uncover the genius that he believes lies trapped inside many children who languish in some of Britain's worst-performing comprehensive schools.

"In a fascinating experiment, the brain expert Tony Buzan takes a group of children from Slough who are failing their school exams and tries to prove that he can turn at least one of them into a genius within six months..." - The Sunday Times

"The results are impressive and show that with the right kind of attention and belief, remarkable achievements are within many children's grasp." - The Independent

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